‘Invaders’ by Civil War


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Oblivion,” kicks off proceedings hauntingly, leveraging the mystical arts of deception, turning and twisting through cosmos as the whirlwind approaches. The vocals immediately hook the listener in.

“Invaders,” snaps and crackles with energy. Passionately displaying grooving tendencies that make sure the listener is enraptured from the beginning.

“Andersonville,” tells a harrowing story, creeping into the very fibre of the listener, slowly cascading into being and demolishing the whirlwind. A song that gets the listener by the throat and never lets go.

“Soldiers and Kings,” tells a tale as old as time. It moves with frenetic speed and energy, slowly hooking the listener into place, and getting the listener to move with passion and time.

“Slaughterhouse 5,” moves and brushes the cascading windows of time without a care in the world.

“Custer’s Last Stand,” moves in time with the battlements, creeping along the tidings of time. Burnishing credentials and delivering a hammer blow. A song that is without pause or end.

The album is out on 17th June via Napalm Records.