‘Come One, Come All’ by Circus of Rock


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Beat,” starts things off with a ricochet and then moves in to pure pandemonium. Shifting the tide and driving the night. A song that really gets the blood going.

“Sheriff Of Ghost Town,” turns through and moves into heaviness, slowly unravelling pre-conceptions with might and brute force.

“In Times of Despair,” slowly moves with the grippling and the grappling, turning through the shattering of images and time.

“Caught In The Middle,” runs and shimmers, brushing past the whirlwind and turning inside out.

“Edge of Love,” runs through, shimmering and twisting, bringing darkness through.

“Everafter,” hits its stride with all the might of time. A song that really captures the zeitgeist.

“Tears Of The Clown,” is something else. Inspired, and thoughtful, collective and dark.

The album is out on 6th August.