‘A Chapter Called Children Of Bodom,’ by Children of Bodom


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Under Glass and Clover,”  opens up the final ever performance by Children of Bodom. It hits with ferocity and turns the skies into nothingness.

“In Your Face,” gallops through the damning of time. Biting through the winds and canvassing the shivering light.

“Bodom Beach Terror,” slaps down hard. Biting through the chaos.

“Halo of Blood,” shimmers and slams. Bringing the biting of time forward.

“Blooddrunk,” hits the chaos, spindling through the forward motion of time.

“Angels Don’t Kill,” slithers through the majestic spindles of time.

“Deadnight Warrior,” slams and brings the fury.

“Hate Me,” bites down.

“Lake Bodom,” crisscrosses through the anticipation of time.

The album is out on 15th December via Spinefarm Records.