‘Chez Kane’ by Chez Kane


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Better Than Love,” kicks things off for Chez Kane, and boy is it a powerful song. Kicking right in the teeth and not letting up for the entirety of its five minute duration. The song brings in some groovy melodies and swirling riffs, and those vocals, those vocals deserve a grammy.

“Rocket On The Radio,” gets the riff masters going, pushing through for a turnaround that whips the listener into a frenzy.

“Too Late For Love,” gets the eighties going, turning through and bursting with energy and pride.

“Ball N’ Chain,” is anthemic and powerful. Taking that old saying and turning it around, getting the groove going. Some serious riffage and swagger throughout the song.

“Die In The Name of Love,” rocks the house down and shimmies through the grass.

“Dead End Street,” rumbles through the turnstile. Slashing the lines out and getting things grooving and moving.

The album is out on 12th March via Frontiers Music.