We Must Carry On is filled with big guitars, and some serious shifts and movements in tempo, the vocals are brilliantly executed and the song is filled with energy. Paradise is fast, energetic and heavy, power metal at its finest. It’s Too Late For Yesterday is a slice of the different, acoustic intro followed by absolute pounding bedlam in the guitars and the instrumentation. 827 shreds, from start to finish, it shreds as the world around it burns. The Wicked Are Restless is unique, the piano fills the void of something deferent, as the guitars soar and snarl, the vocals preen.

The 7th Of Never is pounding, galloping and epic, the guitars and the drums pound out a rhythm that takes the listener on an adventure, one that is sure to live on in memory. Take Me Back In Time is moving, shifting and grooving, filled with energy and bite, it is a song that is sure to become a favourite. Feel His Magic is fast, furious and epic, the vocal lines are perfectly fitting for the song. Forevermore is haunting, slow, and taunting, the guitars, the bass, the drums all work together to create a system that bites and snarls, providing the ample backing for the vocals to soar.

The album is out on 31st August via Pure Steel Records.