‘Trembling Crown’ by Chalice


  • Verneri Benjamin Pouttu  / Vocals and Guitar

  • Mikael Cristian Haavisto / Guitars, Keyboards

  • Olli Tönönen  / Drums

  • Joni Adrian Petander / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Night’s Hands

  • Trembling Crown

  • Hunger Of The Depth

  • Karkanxholl

  • Wings I’ve Known

  • The Key

  • Stars

“Night’s Hands,” rips through the boundaries of time and space to produce something seriously heavy and groovy. It weaves a pathway through the listener’s mind and brings about some seriously groovy and gnarly rippers. “Trembling Crown,” the title track roars. It soars on the heights and delivers a solid thrust into the world of space and the age of histories before venturing into a darkened cabinet that explores the world for all its worth. “Hunger Of The Depth,” gets heavy and epic, rolling through the continuum with riffs galore and exploring the depths of darkness with humane glee.

“Wings I’ve Known,” rolls through the battering board, twisting and swishing through, galloping as if the hounds of hell are after it, and producing something magical. “The Key,” produces something epic, turning through the turnstiles of time and smashing through the grievances of the past to deliver something truly magical. “Stars,” is a grand finale to the album, one which contains a great many twists and turns and soundscopes that truly capture the moment.

The album is out on 11th December via High Roller Records.