“The Conquest Of Time,” by Century


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Fighting Eagle,” hits hard and fast. A pummelling one-two that cascades and transcends forward through the directness of time and space. Learning the curves of the tiding magic.

“Sinister Star,” hits the tide. A riptide that transcends through the moment. Galloping into the abyss and delivering a heartfelt middle finger. The song is on fire.

“The Conquest of Time,” drives forward, a song that is unchained and perpetual. Driving the element forward and hitting the right notes for the cascading world to see.

“Distant Mirror,” hits a new tide. Burnishing its credentials with a new found progress that tilts forward and hits the element.

“Servants Of The Iron Mask,” hits the foreground and twists. A song that cascades and transcends into the being of time. An element of good fortune.

The album is out on 21st April via No Remorse Records.