A raging fire burns within, that seems to be the theme of Centrilia’s new album and it works well.

“Symptoms Of Betrayal,” comes pouring in with a darkened edge that is refreshing. It beats a well worn path and reaches through the circles of the dark without fear. The vocals are bone crushing, and the feeling is that of completeness. “Splitting Hairs, Splitting Teeth,” another brutal lead into the dark. A crushing riff mixed together with an impressive range of chaotic vocals, brings together a song that will get people moving in the pit. “Imposters,” moves with a growing sense of urgency and anger. It snakes along the beaten track before taking a sharp turn left. “The Fool On The Hill,” another chaotic number and a song that is meant for the reaches of chaos and sharpness.

“In The Name Of Nothing,” a different song compared to what has gone before. It shifts and turns within and without. The melodies are filled with growing chance and power, they ensure that the listener is filled with hope and then comes the hammer. It smashes down any semblance of a chance and brings with it the growing anxiety of a generation. “Those Possessed By Devils,” is another thumping song committed toward the absolute carnage of the raging souls within. “Let The Fire Burn,” is a slow burn a moving chaotic destruction that turns in and out. “Tamam Shud,” a song that veers one way and then the next, bringing about an interesting turn and change, a fitting closer.

The album is out on June 28th via 233 Records.