‘In The End’ by Byfist


  • Raul Garcia  / Vocals

  • Nacho Vara / Guitar

  • Ernie B / Guitar

  • Stony Grantham / Bass

  • Scott Palmer / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Universal Metal

  • In The End

  • Unconscious Suicide

  • Guaranteed Death

  • With This Needle I Thee Wed

  • Ship of Illusion

  • Epitaph

  • Scattered Wits

“Universal Metal,”kicks proceedings off with a barrelling riff. When the vocals kick in the listener knows they’re in for a treat. The song soars from peak to peak.

“In The End,” gallops like a mad man chasing the gold at the end of a rainbow. It is full of energy and passion, driving through the heart of a lion. The song goes from strength to strength.

“Unconscious Suicide,” is heavy both in instrumentation and lyrical content. The song barrels through at light speed, whilst keeping melody at its core.

“Guaranteed Death,” is a battering ram. Smashing through any and all objections it grabs the bull by the horns and runs with it. The duelling guitar harmonies that kick proceedings off are simply epic. The progression into the battering ram is led by the impressive vocals of Raul Garcia.

“With This Needle I Thee Wed,” is an interesting mixture of slow moving symphony and battering ram insanity.

“Ship of Illusion,” shimmers on down the line. Bringing some fascinating melody and texture to proceedings whilst also dangling the line of hell for all to see. As it gets heavier, the listener knows they’re going to be in for some fun times.

“Epitaph,” is a riff sandwich. A song that smashes down boundaries and just lets the metal flow.

“Scattered Wits,” is the terrifying conclusion to the album. A song that mixes together a dissonant tone with some impressive vocal melodies to produce something that rolls through the spines of the listener for all to see.

The album is out on 25th September.