‘The Flawless Avenger’ by Bushi


  • David Scode / Vocals

  • Sergio Pomante¬† / Drums

  • Alessandro Vagnoni / Guitar


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Hagakure

  • Masters Of The Sword

  • A Man From China

  • The Flawless Avenger

  • To Sleep Is The Best Answer

  • Chiriku

  • Revelation On Top Of A Brick Wall

  • To Defeat One’s Allies

  • Bravery

  • On The Verge Of Happiness

  • Don’t Stop Where Your Heart Does

  • Late Night Idle Talk

“Hagakure,”is an interesting start. A song that moves within and without, slowly bringing the listener into the world.

“Masters Of The Sword,” twists and turns, bringing together a sarcastic urge with a snarling monster.

“A Man From China,” twists through. Burning brightly and twisting the scope, ensuring that the listener is hooked on the subtle melodies floating through the skyline.

“The Flawless Avenger,” is a tad syncopated, and a tad on the heavy side. It adds a dollop of class and harmony.

“To Sleep Is The Best Answer,” takes a turn and rolls through the punches. Adding a sarcastic rhythm to proceedings.

“Chiriku,” goes in hard on the swagger.

“Revelation On Top Of A Brick Wall,” growls and thunders, slowly working itself into a frenzy.

“To Defeat One’s Allies,” is an interesting song, one that slowly builds into something new and refreshingly honest.

“Bravery,” goes in hard and fast.

“On The Verge Of Happiness,” increasingly changes the rhythm and brings about something that clatters into being.

“Don’t Stop Where Your Heart Does,” gets in dark and fuses together with the melodical aspects of the band to deliver something nice and refreshing.

“Late Night Idle Talk,” rolls hard and fast.

The album is out on 14th February via Infinity Entertainment.