BURNING RAIN face the music COVER.jpg

“Revolution,” comes right out the gate with some ferocious riffage and a soaring vocal line. “Lorelei,” is another soaring rocker, it just grooves and shakes with energy and pace. “Nasty Hustle,” is a pounding, game changing rocker. “Midnight Train,” thumps and growls, it also grooves with might and pace. “Shelter,” a slower number, with the acoustic temperament of the great blues numbers. “Face The Music,” is a rocking blinder of a song, that snakes its way through.

“Beautiful Road,” is a soaring rocker, that delivers in leaps and bounds. It produces some snaking little melodies and a shouting vocal performance. “Hit and Run,” a song that veers this way and that, whilst never quite letting anyone figure out the shifts and turns. “If It’s Love,” is darker, more thunderous and definitely got a tinge of blues within it. “Hideaway,” brings the thunder and the rage. “Since I’m Loving You,” is a chaotic rocker, that really sees out the album well.

The album is out on 22nd March via Frontiers Music.