‘Angel Or Alien’ by Born of Osiris


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Poster Child,” shimmers and shifts through the time vault, hitting a hint of stridency and then turning through for the madness.

“Angel Or Alien,” roars into being, demolishing the capitulation of time and space to produce something truly legendary.

“Oathbreaker,” gallops through, turning the world into ash and dust, pushing through the tempest.

“Love Story,” hits a decidedly intriguing note, shimmering and giving off a glint of possibility.

“Echobreather,” runs in and charges through the darkening tide.

“In For The Kill,” gallops and smashes, bringing the world to its knees with some seriously groovy and tumultuous metal.

“Truth and Denial,” runs the numbers, flickering through and hitting the right stride.

The album is out on 2nd July via Sumerian Records.