Bombus, the mighty deliver a stonking new album.

“A Ladder-Not A Shovel,” is a great start to the record. Galloping on the hard back riffs, with the melodies shifting in and out. It catches the listener’s attention immediately and gives way into the direct content that has been missing from previous releases. “Human Beings,” soars through, turning and twisting, allowing for the skies to shatter the human illusion. The rhythms are on fire throughout this song. The melodies turn and snarl, perfect. “Mama,” is heavy, with slight twists and turns here and there. Ultimately, there is a sense of collection within it. “It’s All Over,” turns it over and over. Shimmering through, the song really delves deep within the psyche. “In The Shadows,” gets downright heavy, bringing it all together for the rager.

“We Lost A Lot of Blood Today,” filters through, turning and twisting. Bringing together heavy symphonic efforts and allowing it all to grow and change. Taking a change here and there, before bringing it to a close. “Vulture Culture,” is an absolute rager. Those riffs and that melody, make it something completely new and unique, tearing it all together for the ends of time. “Two Wolves and One Sheep,” gets the Sabbath make over, working together to fix and filter, and then unleash chaos. “Feeling Is Believing,” works hard and fast, allowing for the growth of the machine.

The album is out on 15th November via Century Media.