’50th Anniversary Live: First Night,’ by Blue Oyster Cult


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Transmaniacon MC,” gets the pace going, butterflying the whirlwind.

“Then Came The Last Days of May,” hits the shelter and turns through the acoustic portent.

“Before The Kiss, A Redcap,” thunders through.

“She’s As Beautiful As A Foot,” haunts the periphery of time.

“Workshop Of The Telescopes,” burrows through the twisting strands of time.

“Dr Music,” runs the guns and gambles through the shimmering light.

“Burnin’ For You,” hits the right notes and gets the goat.

“Tainted Blood,” rumbles onward, pressing the concourse.

“Dancin’ In The Ruins,” shimmers and shifts, bleeding through the element.

“Career Of Evil,” swaggers forward.

“Godzilla,” roars to the beat of inhumanity and time.

“In Thee,”shifts and shimmers.

“Hot Rails To Hell,” ruminates the concourse.

The album is out on 8th December via Frontiers Music.