‘World On Fire’ by Blue Eyed Christ


  • Blue Eyed Christ  / Vocals


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Start The Show

  • Stop The Show!

  • America H

  • Manic Adderall

  • Massive React

  • Take It To The Streets

  • World On Fire

  • The System Pt 1

  • The System Pt 2

  • The Wait Is Over

  • The Slow Reverse

“Start The Show,”is a roar, a brilliant way to get things going for Blue Eyed Christ.

“Stop The Show,” is thunderous. A song that demands your attention.

“America H,” is sarcastic, demanding and irreverent. It burns with rage and fury, a song that pushes things forward for all to see.

“Manic Adderall,” shifts the tempo. Blue Eyed Christ works proceedings into overtime.

“Massive React,” hits the right tempo and pushes things to the max.

“Take It To The Streets,” turns the tide, pushing the world through everlasting doubt.

“World On Fire,” is a biting song, one that allows Blue Eyed Christ to really get to the bottom of proceedings.

“The System Pt 1,” bites and snarls. Blue Eyed Christ really feels the rage.

“The System Pt 2,” demands to be heard. Kicking and screaming it pulls its way forward.

“The Wait Is Over,” snaps and crackles, turning the world on a precipous.

“The Slow Reverse,” finishes things off.

The album is out on 22nd May.