‘Creatures Of The Dark Realm’ by Bloodbound


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Creatures Preludium,” is haunting and feeds into the title track.

“Creatures Of The Dark Realm,” is glorious. A song that extols power and might in all its glory, turning through the screws and the script. A song that allows the vocals to really shine through whilst taking nothing away from the melodies. A brilliant start.

“Ever Burning Flame,” is bombastic, powerful and simply put, epic. A song that mixes together some very good elements, a catchy chorus, a brilliant melody and a sumptuous guitar riff means that the song is truly something for everyone.

“Death Will Lead The Way,” burns with passion and fusion. A song that rallies the chord and delves deep into something new and experimental. A song that hints at the darkness lurking beneath the surface.

“Kill Or Be Killed,” turns up several notches, bringing some serious anthemic personal qualities to proceedings. It weaves in and out, turning the darkness through the seriousness of time. A brilliant song.

“March Into War,” is furious. A song that starts with a group call and then ventures into a blistering overture. A song that truly captures the spirit of the album and ensures the listener is hooked.

“The Wicked And The Weak,” turn themselves inside and out.  Carrying melodic components through and throughout. Getting the listener heavily invested and pushing things to their logical extent. This is a beautiful finale.

Be sure to get the album when it is released on May 28th via AFM Records.