‘World In Chains’ by Blizzen


  • Stecki / Vocals and Bass

  • Marvin Kiefer / Guitar

  • Andi Heindl / Guitar

  • Gereon Nicolay / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Intro

  • Gates Of Hell

  • Forged With Evil

  • Gravity Remains

  • World In Chains

  • Serial Killer

  • Paradise Awaits

  • Lust

  • Forsaken Soul

“Intro/Gates Of Hell,”is one hell of an opener. A rampant construction that flies in the face of almost everything, it soars and turns and twists. Bringing with it a sense of complete chaos and destruction the band knew what they were doing when they wrote this.

“Forged With Evil,” moves quickly, smashing down boundaries and opening the world up to the moshpit. The song flies in the face of convention and ensures the listener knows where to turn.

“Gravity Remains,” has the makings of an epic number to play live. The staccato riff is mixed together with an infectious melody that drives the groove and produces a masterclass.

“World In Chains,” has an epic feeling to it. A song that soars through and twists and turns, bringing everything together for the joy of metal.

“Serial Killer,” is a fascinating song, one which takes a turn and lures the listener into the pit of despair and angst.

“Paradise Awaits,” delivers a stellar performance. A song that ensures the listener knows how to headbang.

“Lust,” is a fascinating exercise in compliance and defiance.

“Forsaken Soul,” barrels into being and finishes the album on a high note.

The album is out on April 24th.