‘Theatre Of The Damned’ by Blitzkrieg


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Theatre Of The Damned,” kicks off the album of the same name by Blitzkrieg, the metal titans. It moves with a rush and a turn. It delivers something to the gut and then hits out on a rollicking sense of abandon.

“Devil’s Spawn,” gallops and grooves, shaking the foundations of time and space through the quantum realm.

“Spirit Of The Legend,” is a shred fest. A song that allows the guitars to truly sing through and turn around on the oddcoat of time.

“Into The Light,” adds several notches to the virulent and vicious wordplay, turning through and turning out. The song allows Brian Ross to capture a moment in time that delivers something incredible.

“Together We Are Strong,” adopts some rocking sensibilities and pushes forward into the world. Ross is superb, the guitars on fire. Everything is right with the world.

“Armageddon,” hits the notes all over the place.

“Blitzkrieg,” hits the right place. A new rendition of a classic that truly bookends the album.

Be sure to get the record when it is released on 11th June.