‘Loud and Proud’ by Blitzkrieg


  • Brian Ross / Vocals

  • Ken Johnson / Guitar

  • Alan Ross / Guitars

  • Liam Ferguson / Bass

  • Matt Graham / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Loud and Proud

  • Without You

  • Falling Into Darkness

  • Together We Are Strong

  • After Dark

  • Schools Out

On the back of their highly successful album Judge Not, Blitzkrieg return with a new E.P. of songs that are sure to get people going, there are even a few cheeky surprises on there.

“Loud and Proud,” the title track for the EP has some seriously gnarly riffage to it. A thundering rhythm that encourages the listener to groove with them, as things slowly take in, the vocals kick in producing something that is defiant and a statement.

“Without You,” an alternative version is something that truly grooves, shifting a turn here and there. Slowly working through, the vocals are just perfect.

“Falling Into Darkness,” is eerie, discordant and filled with an apparent aggression that makes it just that more heavy. Brian Ross is phenomenal.

“Together We Are Strong,” works through the lines, slowly twisting and turning the screw. Producing a result that shimmies through and shines a bright light and ensures chaos is the outcome.

“After Dark,” rips down the tide, and slams into everything with great force of purpose and mind.

“School’s Out,” a heavy take on a classic.

The EP is out on 6th December via Mighty Music.