‘A Time Of Changes’ by Blitzkrieg


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Ragnarok,” is the haunting opener for this classic album by Blitzkrieg.

“Inferno,” rages and bolsters its way into sensationalism with some serious riffage and tendrils of time. It slams down the breaks of discord and entices the listener in for a swagger and a pint.

“Blitzkrieg,” the name of the band and their most famous hit gets a new look here with a regrooved riff and a punishing melody.

“Armageddon,” is a rager. A song that shifts the temperature up by several notches and captures the listener in a grip of frenzied moshing.

“Vikings,” slams down and turns the periphery through and looking glass to produce an intriguing conception of time.

“Saviour,” is the raucous concluder of this album and boy does it kick ass.

The album is out on 26th February via High Roller Records.