“The Hammer and The Nail,” rocks the house down, shifting through the wind and producing some fascinating movement. “Doublecross,” shifts and turns through the wind and ensures the listener is hooked on the elements. “Blind Nation,” has some Iron Maiden tinges to it, but also carries some fascinating melodies and riffs. “Her Invisible Friend,” moves with the wind to growl and snake through the charms and the pain. “Rise Or Fall,” is simply epic. It displays so many melodies and movements it keeps the fascination going strong. “Bioluminosity,” is an interesting song with diverging changes, and a shifting vocal performance, delivering a sharp smack to the face.

“The Leviathan,” is another snaking song that delivers a thunderous punch to the gut. “Tear It Down,” rocks the house away with some interesting shifting melodies and a darkened edge. “Infrared,” takes the time to shift through and produce an interesting groove and movement. “Material Law,” takes another battering ram to the listener’s face. “The Yeti’s Call,” snakes through, changing at speed and once more growing with pace and agility. “Sledgehammer,” rocks the house down, bringing a thundering growth to the world.

The album is out on July 5th.