‘The Harrowing of Hearts’ by Blaze of Perdition


  • S / Vocals

  • XCIII / Guitar

  • M.R / Guitars

  • DQ / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Suffering Made Bliss

  • With Madman’s Faith

  • Transmutation of Sins

  • What Christ Has Kept Apart

  • The Great Seducer

  • Moonchild

“Suffering Made Bliss,”is hardcore heaviness. Demonstrating just where the Teutonic shift is coming from. A blistering opener and a song that is sure to get people moving when performed live.

“With Madman’s Faith,” a song that slowly builds into the chaos that proceeded it. A song that knows where to move and how to get there. A song that ultimately delivers.

“Transmutation of Sins,” boils with thunder and aggression, delivering something quite frenetic.

Królestwo Niebieskie,” haunts the proceedings though lacks a little oomph.

“What Christ Has Kept Apart,” revels in the fury and the rage, bringing together something new and refreshing. Whilst at the same time ensuring the old school is kept on guard.

“The Great Seducer,” tells an interesting story, one that filters through and buries itself right into the heart of the modern day matter. The guitars are phenomenal.

“Moonchild,” harkens back to the old days, and filters into the blackness.

The album is out on 14th February via Metal Blade Records.