‘Shake The World’ by Black Swan


  • Robin McAuley / Vocals

  • Reb Beach / Guitar

  • Jeff Pilson / Bass

  • Matt Starr / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Shake The World

  • Big Disaster

  • Johnny Came Marching

  • Immortal Souls

  • Make It There

  • She’s On To Us

  • The Rock That Rolled Away

  • Long Road To Nowhere

  • Sacred Place

  • Unless We Change

  • Divided/United

“Shake The World,” is a barnstorming monster of a song. It sets the tone quite nicely for the rest of the album. Burning with energy and chaos, it slowly moves into prime position and unleashes chaos.

“Big Disaster,” swaggers through on the galloping pole to destruction.

“Johnny Came Marching,” slowly burns into being. And when it unleashes the carnage, it does so in a manner that makes the listener’s jaw drop to the ground.

”Immortal Souls,” slowly works its way into being. As it does so, the listener gets a masterclass in dynamic management, and boy is it a lesson worth getting. Absolutely insanity.

“Make It There,” grows and grows, and eventually unleashes the sweltering heat of madness.

“She’s Onto Us,” gallivants through, pushing boundaries and unleashing the chaos of the mind.

“The Rock That Rolled Away,” moves hardcore. It swaggers through the measures of time and brings in some old fashioned groove.

“Long Road To Nowhere,” a song that swaggers through and burns brightly. Ensuring the listener is captivated from the very beginning.

“Sacred Place,” dominates completely. It is melodic, dominating, and downright terrifying in places. A song that fully captures the power of the band.

“Unless We Change,” is orchestral, harmonic and divergent. A song that really speaks to the soul. A song that captivates all.

“Divided United,” finishes off with the power of it all. A song that will get people singing along when performed live.

The album is out on 14th February via Frontiers Music.