‘Silent Enemy’ by Black Sun


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Moebius

  • Resist

  • Terror Zone

  • Dark Mirror

  • No Return

  • Still Alive

  • Finale

“Moebius,” starts things off with a rattle. A song that flicks through the desolate highways of time and delivers something extraterrestrial.

“Resist,” is an anthem. A call to arms with a ballsy vocal line and a superb riff to back it all up. An impressive way to go.

“Terror Zone,” is filled with swagger. A song that weaves in and out, demolishing all that comes before it.

“Dark Mirror,” weaves in and out. Shifting the catacombs of time for something else entirely.

“No Return,” delivers a tantalising interlude.

“Still Alive,” ups the ante, with some serious riffage that moves the song into a new direction. The duelling guitar harmonies add an extra flavour to proceedings and the vocals take things to a whole new level.

“Finale,” softly fades proceedings out.

Be sure to get this record when it is released on 4th September via Rockshots Records.