‘Zero Hour Is Now’ by Black Phantom


  • Manuel Malini / Vocals

  • Luca Belbruno / Guitar

  • Roberto Manfrinato / Guitar

  • Andrea Tito / Bass

  • Ivan Carsenzuola / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Redemption

  • Hordes Of Destruction

  • Schattenjager

  • The Road

  • Aboard The Rattling Ark

  • Either You Or Me

  • Begone!

  • Hands Of Time

“Redemption,” kicks things off. Once thing that is immediately apparent is that this sounds like a mixture of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, there’s something in the make up of the riffs that just screams lovechild. When the vocals kick in that’s when things get all spacey. They’re so precise and filled with energy and chaos that you could just imagine Bruce Dickinson singing them, brilliantly executed.

“Hordes Of Destruction,” is another song that mixes together elements of Maiden with the darker strands of metal. The guitars beat a path through the chaos and the debris to produce something that is truly quite magical. It worms its way into the centre of the listener’s mind and never quite lets go once it holds them.

“Schattenjager,” is slightly terrifying, a song that veers between extremes and bleeds through the walls into insanity and darkness. A song that truly captures the madness of the times.

“The Road,” is a seismic effort. A song that mixes together darkness and light, before throwing in a touch of grey to really shake things up. As everything progresses one gets the sense that the world is being torn apart outside, but that the song is the cure to the ailments of time.

“Aboard The Rattling Ark,” comes in hard and keeps the ship moving, shaking the boat ever so slightly, and ensuring the listener is truly paying attention. As things progress, little flourishes are added and things get a bit juicier as a result.

“Either You Or Me,” starts off with a thunderous blaze before mellowing out and allowing the vocals to truly take the lead. As the song progresses, there’s a feeling that this is moving into anthemic territory.

“Begone!” swaggers throughout and tempts the listener forward before smacking them full in the face with sense and rage.

“Hands Of Time,” adds in a mix of uncertainty before tempting the strands of time. It shimmers through the line and brings out a certain conscious within the listener that was perhaps missing before.

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