‘Tales From The Darkside’ by Black Knight


  • Pieter Bas Borger / Vocals

  • Romke Boschma / Guitar

  • Gertjan Vis / Guitar

  • Rudo Plooy / Drums

  • Hans Heider / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Story Of The Day

  • Beware Of The Blind

  • Irish Boy

  • Excavated

  • Revival

  • A Tale From The Darkside

  • Profound

  • Pay For Black Knight

  • Warrior

  • A Tale From The Darkside (Live 2007)

  • Warrior (Live 2016)

  • Legend (Live 2016)

  • Beware Of The Blind

  • Rival (Live 2017)

  • Primal Power (Live 2017)

Black Knight’s¬†Tales From The Darkside¬†was an instant classic upon its release all those years ago, now with its re-release, listeners can hear why.

Songs such as “Story of the Day,” and “Beware Of The Blind,” sing from the moment they are unleashed on the listener. Their tone, their feeling and the overall aura about them makes this something to be captivated by, songs that sing off the sheet and echo into the mind of the listener completely.

Followed by such gems as “Irish Boy,” and “A Tale From The Darkside,” which sing off the page and into the listener’s heart.

Overall the composition of the songs stands the test of time very well and shows just why this album stands out for so many. The addition of live tracks is a nice bonus and shows how well they translate live.

The album is out on 20th November.