‘Road To Victory’ by Black Knight


  • David Marcelis / Vocals

  • Ruben Raadschelders / Guitar

  • Gertjan Vis / Guitar

  • Ron Heikens / Bass

  • Rudo Plooy / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Road To Victory

  • Legend

  • Pendragon

  • Thousand Faces

  • My Beautiful Daughters

  • Crossing The Rubicon

  • Primal Power

  • The One To Blame

“Road To Victory,”lays down the gauntlet and sets the bar quite high for what Black Knight have to do next. The twin guitar attack, the frenetic rhythm and the soaring vocals all paint a fantastic image.

“Legend,” gallops along the pathway, pushing down those who stand in the way. The rhythm section here is without peer, a fantastic effort.

“Pendragon,” twists and turns. Flaunting the rules and delivering some fantastic melodies alight.

“Thousand Faces,” soars into being, becoming an epic collection of melody and grit. Black Knight truly shine on this song.

“My Beautiful Daughters,” brings the twin guitar attack back. It delivers something quite sensational. Black Knight truly are in their element here.

“Crossing The Rubicon,” shifts the dial slightly, moving toward complete chaos and carnage. A song that veers within the depths of depravity before unleashing madness.

“Primal Power,” is a riff sandwich. A song that shines through and hits all the right notes.

“The One To Blame,” takes things to a new level. A song that adds depth and melody as it progresses, and throws out the old tropes.

The album is out on June 26th.