‘Destination Hell’ by Black Hawk


  • Udo Bethke / Vocals

  • Matthias Meßfeldt / Drums

  • Wolfgang Tewes / Guitar

  • Michael Wiekenberg / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Hate

  • Destination Hell

  • Smoking Guns

  • Time

  • Voices From The Dark

  • The Eyes Of The Beast

  • Speed Ride

  • Bleeding Heart

  • Under Horizon

  • Masters of Metal

Black Hawk’s new album Destination Hell is a fascinating combination of aggression and melody.

“Hate,” is aggressive right from the get go. The momentum carries this song forward and allows it to become like a battering ram, constantly pounding away at the listener and making sure that they are paying attention to what is happening.

“Destination Hell,” the title track has a similar composition to “Hate,” it is like a battering ram. But this time there’s more purpose. The song is crafted in such a manner that the listener voluntarily looks forward to the ram hitting them, instead of having it happen to them.

“Smoking Guns,” is straight heaviness. Filled to the brim with lightness and darkness, it carries through and slowly brings out the energy within.

“Time,” slowly works its way into the listener’s consciousness, filling itself together with energy and grace. As time progresses, it fills the listener with a sense of something grander about to explode, and they are proven right.

“Voices From The Dark,” is a real turner. Unleashing chaos at almost every turn. The harmonies bring together some fascinating elements within the song. Though there are times when it feels as though the vocals might be straining.

“The Eyes Of The Beast,” is pure heaviness. A song that builds itself into a frenzy and then unleashes pure chaos as it finds purpose and meaning. That is evidence of a well crafted song.

“Speed Ride,” goes in hard. Pushing everything to its limits, and ensuring the listener is caught up in the adrenaline rush.

“Bleeding Heart,” slowly works through. A song that is meant to make the listener think and succeeds in achieving that.

“Under Horizon,” is an interesting song, it uses melodies that have perhaps been used previously and throws them together in a new combination to seek a palpable reaction.

“Masters of Metal,” is a fitting finale. Balls to the wall heavy metal.

The album is out on 13th March.