‘Heavenly Creatures’ by Black & Damned


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Salvation

  • Liquid Suicide

  • Born Again

  • The Wardress

  • War Is Just Another Word For Hell

  • A Whisper In The Dark

  • The 13th Sign

  • Decide On Your Destiny

  • The World Bleed

  • Dreams To Stay Alive

  • We Are Warriors

  • Heavenly Creatures

“Salvation,” is a battering ram to the face. It burns with energy and passion, setting the world alight and keeping everything going in a mixture of tones and challenges. “Liquid Suicide,” roams the battering rams of time, bringing the whole contagion forward and ensuring the listener is hooked. “Born Again,” swaggers and grooves. The melody is infectious, the listener has to move to the rhythm. “The Wardress,” haunts the periphery, taunting the summit and bringing deliberation forward for all time.

“The World Bleed,” slams down hard and fast, bringing everything into the collective conscious. “Dreams To Stay Alive,” is haunting, ethereal, and complex. It challenges assumptions and works around the mainstream. “We Are Warriors,” hits hard. Brimming with confidence and energy. “Heavenly Creatures,” finishes things off, with gusto and gut. A song like no other, it delivers the evil and brings out the seduction.

The album is out on 29th January.