‘Look Inside’ by Black 7


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Unleashed,” starts off with a blazing riff that transcends time and space, growing with great and ever expanding purpose to deliver something fascinating.

“Lift Up,” slowly starts proceedings, moving with growing temperature and temperance before it slowly shifts into overdrive with a greeting of time and space that benights the whirlwind.

“In My Dream,” creeps along the pathway, haunting the detris and debris, before delivering the goods.

“Never Stop,” creaks and creeps. Bringing and intriguing deliverance to the fore of time.

“Out Of The Box,” has a fascinating introduction before turning into a rager, the guitars bringing forth a growing compliment of chordal arrays.

“Hear My Voice,” works through the tide. Delivering melodical lines that grow and transcend through the detritius.

“A Story To Tell,” brings something intriguing to proceedings. Melodies clash together to produce something harmonic, discordant and beautiful.

The album is out now.