‘Kill The Bliss’ by Benevolent Like Quietus


  • Daniel Louden  / Vocals

  • Ryan Spencer / Drums

  • Ty Frederick / Guitar

  • Matt Springer / Guitar

  • Killian Murphy / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Beginning Of An End

  • My Favourite Enemy

  • The Great Divide

  • Soil Of The Grave

  • The Rise And The Fall

  • Mad World

  • Where Dead Hearts Reside

  • Love’s Inferno

  • Dawn Of Rust

  • Darkness Collides

  • A Voluntary Disease

“The Beginning Of An End,” comes in full steam ahead. A song that combines various elements such as a slow burn, and a filtering plot to bring something magical to the scene.

“My Favourite Enemy,” comes in immediately with a raging riff sandwich, and a melody that is absolutely to die for.

“The Great Divide,” works in a battering ram sensibility, that completely flattens the listener and eventually ensures that when they pick themselves up, they’re headbanging like mad men.

“Soil Of The Grave,” works in and out and slowly pushes the temperature up a notch, or maybe seven.

“The Rise and Fall,” comes out of the gate with a solid riff and a vocal line that hooks the listener in immediately.

“Mad World,” furnishes the band’s credentials and delivers something of an epic sensibility.

“Where Dead Hearts Reside,” comes right in and takes the cake. That opening salvo is the stuff of legends and is sure to get a lot of people grooving when performed lived.

“Love’s Inferno,” grows into the spaces left in between beats of the heart. A song that gets to the heart of the matter, and ensures that the world burns around it.

“Dawn Of Rust,” a song that moves with the weight of the world upon its shoulders, and slowly moves into the territory of giants, is an absolute belter.

“Darkness Collides,” a song that is meant to be sung along to. A song that will earn plaudits from anyone with any sense. A great song.

“A Voluntary Disease,” is darkened and heavy, a great finisher to the record.