‘Top Rock’ by Beat City Tubeworks


  • Erik Linder / Vocals and Guitar

  • Kristian Rigo / Guitar

  • Stuart Bayliss / Bass

  • Henrik Frisk / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Roadrunner

  • Succubus

  • Ivory Wave

  • Fading To Grey

  • Estranged

  • Archaic Approach

  • The Joke’s On You

  • Idiot Savant

  • Take Two Of These And Call Me In The Morning

  • 80’s Forest Treasure

“Roadrunner,”comes in like a barrel of good old fashioned rock and roll. The guitars snap and crackle with energy and pace. The drums give the old back bone and the vocals come in sharp and with pop.

“Succubus,” goes in with that gnarly beat. The drums make you think its the 1960s, the guitars make you think early 1970s, everything is just all over the place, and the awesomeness just keeps going.

“Ivory Wave,” goes for the duelling tempest and then switches the beat up ever so slightly. Rolling in hard and fast. A good old fashioned rock and roll bonanza.

“Fading To Grey,” gets a little mixed up and muddled up. Slowly turning the pace and the sprite into something new and energising. It pushes the boundaries and turns through for the focus of the listener.

“Estranged,” is just groovy as anything. There’s a hint of Kiss in there, mixed in with AC/DC swagger that really gets the listener going. It’s filled to the brim with some fascinating textures.

“Archaic Approach,” pounds away on those drums and guitars. Getting into the real caveman sensibilities, and producing something quite fascinating for all to see.

“The Joke’s On You,” is an interesting one. Some real sixties and seventies textures thrown together with the vocals really giving off the memory lane vibe going.

“Idiot Savant,” is a harmonised whirlwind that really pushes things through to the max.

“Take Two Of These And Call Me In The Morning,” is good old fashioned rock and roll. Down to its very core.

“80’s Forest Treasure,” moves in with the times and brings with it some fascinating little shifts and twists.

The album is out on February 21st via The Sign Records.