Rock and Roll’s torch is being flown high by a lot of bands, Barbe-Q-Barbies foremost amongst them.

“Dizfunktional,” comes swearing into being with the fuzz and the grit and the crowd chanting and it truly keeps things interesting. “Alive,” is a swaggering monster that dances through the plains and ensures that the listener is hooked on the melodies. “Hangman’s Song,” is haunting with the killer edge. “Made Of Scars,” dances through the plains and shifts through, ensuring the listener is hooked. “Innocent,” jangles with power and grace.

“Radio,” takes a turn and snarls with grace and energy. “On and On,” a rocker with some serious grit and bite. “Towers,” another song that shreds through the wind. “Borrowed Time,” is another ballsy finger in the air mighty number that ensures the listener is hooked from the get go.

The album is out on 7th June via Dissonance Production.