Grazie Governo begins with thunder, and moves into anthem punk with a solid one two punching routine, that is quite infectious. 8.6 Days is classic Punk, producing the anthems and the choruses that one would expect. Warchief is blistering, a routine in the ways of the heavy. Choose My Friends is another anthem, catching on power and snarling. DLTD is heavy, with the riffs providing the meat and the vocals snarling into gear. 2:22 is slower, a more formal thought provoking song. Drink is slow, but an anthem with all the right grooves.

Drive is a nice little reggae based song, with a song of the everyman. Cry Wolf is echoing around strands of time, producing nice little divergences here and there, and going down the Madmen route. Raced Through Berlin is a monster, billowing through on the back of a siren wail. Since You is a nice poking jaunty song. Force Fed is another reggae powertrong. High Horse finishes things off with power and groove.

The album is out 24th August via Pirate Press Records.