‘Out Of The Ashes, Into The Fire’ by Axewitch


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“The Pusher,” grabs the listener by the horns and forces them into compliance, running through the gamut, it snarls and bites, roaring into the world with uncontained energy.

“Dues The Pay,” is a ripper of a song, smacking through the tumultuous days of rage, and burnishing themselves with passion and desire.

“Boogie Of Death,” rolls with the times, slithering and swaggering through the great old day. The band are tight and locked in, smacking the world to pieces.

“Going Down,” scares the listener into submission. It is haunting and terrifying. A song that pushes the limits of acceptability, turning the melodies and the darkness into pieces of light.

“Lie To Me,” is a monster of a song. It runs through and turns the whole cause upside down. Bringing the energy of the band through the twisting cacophony of time.

“Nightmare,” is filled with swagger and rage. Burnishing itself on the pits of time and space.

The album is out on April 30th.