‘Out Of The Shadows’ by Awaken


  • Glenn DaGrossa / Vocals

  • Eric Wirsing / Guitar

  • Andrew Colyer / Keyboards

  • Eddie Jucius / Bass

  • Mike Marrone / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Black From Blue

  • Moment Of Truth

  • Ride Like The Wind

  • Drowning Pool

  • My Heart Of Darkness

  • Dachau Be My Destiny

  • Out Of The Shadows

  • Only Your Eyes To Weep

  • The Spider Dream

  • Twist Of Fate

  • Nine Circles Part 1: Through The Gates

  • Nine Circles Part 2: The Dark Side Of Sorrow

  • Nine Circles Part 3: City of Dis

“Black From Blue,”is the epic beginning for Awaken’s new album. It slithers through the tempestuous night and pushes boundaries in all sorts of directions, shimmering from one great movement to the next. “Moment Of Truth,” is more straight ahead heaviness with some subtle piano flairs thrown in for good measure, it pushes the line down and switches the temperature up slowly but surely. “Ride Like The Wind,” is heavy. A classic that gets some fascinating new treatment, it shimmers down the line and gallops at full speed. “Out Of The Shadows,” the title track of the album shimmers through, producing some seriously groovy vibes that are reminiscent of Savatage.

“Only Your Eyes To Weep,” grooves through a singular melody before enlightening the listener to the curves and disparate hooks and turns. “The Spider Dream,” pushes the heaviness forward by several circles, smashing down the boundaries of time and delivering a connected push toward greatness for all to see. “Twist Of Fate,” slows things down, delivering groove, subtly and power. A song that connects all within and without it.

“Nine Circles,” the three part epic marathon is a song, or rather three songs rolled together that narrates the complicated and life altering changes that one can make. Piano and guitar gel well together to push through a twisting snake of a melody before unleashing complete chaos for all to see. The vocals soar and power through, the listener is engrossed in events before turning the dial toward a complete one two finish of power.

The album is out on 27th November.