“Mace Imperial,” starts things off with a hammer beat on the synth. It then gradually progresses, building up the tension and the grit, bringing the listener to the edge of their seat. This culminates in “Race Against Time,” which produces a hammer edge and snarls and dances along the way. A biting melody and a snarling griping riff sets the tone nicely. “Fate,” another ripper comes barrelling out with a steadfast riff and melody arrangement that keeps the listener hooked from the get go. “Fields Of The Burnt,” is a fast paced riff bending song that is sure to keep everyone pumped when performed live. “Into The Nexus,” another song that launches right from the get go, driving itself with determination and bite. “Decimated,” a call and response that delivers something promising on all fronts, truly an inspiration.

“In Arcadia Go,” a song that dances around the fringes of something here and there. The vocal melodies are impressive, the delivery of the song is fantastic. A song like no other, it produces something quite special. “Killers,” is fast with the bass delivering some serious tempo modulation. It then varies itself from aggressive to spell binding. “Flayer Psychosis,” fringes between hammering the listener and easing them into the situation with grooving melody and simplicity. “Shot To Hell,” a song that grooves, bites and snarls, with the freneticism of experience. “Midnight Mass Destruction,” another song that comes hot off the press, delivering some serious bite and groove. The riffs are interestingly arranged and seriously well composed to mix together with the vocals.

The album is out on 28th September via Dissonance Productions.