‘Hunter Gatherer’ by Avatar


  • Johannes Eckerström / Vocals

  • The King / Guitar

  • Tim Öhrström / Guitar

  • Henrik Sandelin / Bass

  • John Alfredsson / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Silence In The Age Of Apes

  • Colossus

  • A Secret Door

  • God Of Sick Dreams

  • Scream Until You Wake

  • Child

  • Justice

  • Gun

  • When All But Force Has Failed

  • Wormhole

“Silence In The Age of Apes,”hits hard. A song that crashes into being with a seriously gnarly riff and a vocal melody that grabs you by the neck and doesn’t let go.

“Colossus,” shifts and turns, breaking through the listener’s reverie and demanding to be heard.

“A Secret Door,” ups the anti and somersaults through the time vault, delivering something close to insanity.

“God Of Sick Dreams,” rolls in like thunder, twisting and turning before unleashing absolute chaos on the world.

“Scream Until You Wake,” slivers through the turnstile, bringing anger and energy together for a chaotic finish.

“Child,” is a monster of a song. One that captures the emotions, dragging them through the turnstile of time and delivering them into the whirlwind of of the human landscape.

“Justice.” slithers through, turning a knife into the world and bringing about some fascinating changes and shifts.

“Gun,” slows things down, bringing the piano out for a good time, and delivering a unique introspective piece.

“When All But Force Has Failed,” hits hard. A song meant to be consumed with a head bang and a half.

“Wormhole,” slithers through the ground, delivering one hit after another and pushing the listener to their limits.

This gem of an album is out on 7th August via Century Media. Be sure to get it!