‘Theater of Sorcery’ by Avaland


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Theater Of Sorcery,” is the bombastic and powerful opening track. It sends shivers down the listener’s arms and gets them pumped up for what is to come. The riffs, the vocals and the melodies all combine to unleash something simply spectacular that allows the imagination to run wild.

“Let The Wind Blow,” adds in a unique direction that shimmers through the conventicles and pushes the listener to consider something new. The vocals lead the way and narrate something seriously impressive.

“Escape To Paradise,” hits on a new record, slashing through the turnstiles and bringing together an element of chaos and collective accountability. The whirlpool moves in unison.

“Never Let Me Walk Alone,” turns the screws up. A riff based song that really captures the groove. It snakes and sharks over the world and captures everything perfectly.

“I’ll Be Ready For Your Love,” slows things down, adding contemplation and thoughtfulness to the foray.

“Rise From The Ashes,” is the bombastic and powerful opener. It snarls into the undergrowth and roars through.

The album is out on 2nd April via Rockshots Records.