‘The Legend of The Storyteller,’ by Avaland


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Crimson Tyranny,” kick starts the new Avaland album, providing elements of melody, risk and seance that turns this song into a growing structural powerhouse.

“To Be The King,” haunts the platform of time, slowly producing something majestic and epic, a song that captures the imagination and purity of the testing times we stand within.

“Kingslayer,” starts with a spoken intro, before moving into the mesh of melodies and duelling personalities that twists and turns through the hearthrob.

“Out Of The Fog,” soars and imprints onto the growing sky, a song that hits the whirlwind and produces a testing time for the chance to soar.

“Madness Of The Wise,” soars and pushes the hundred forward, a song that cascades and hits the tempestuous tide of time.

“Lies,” is the haunting finisher. A song that is epic and pulsating with time and place. Bringing the glories of time forward for the whirlwind to see.

The album is out on March 31st via Rockshots Records.