‘Metal Lands’ by Attika


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Metal Lands,” starts off the battering ram of heaviness. A succinct riff combined with a heavy melody ensures the listener is hooked in from the get go and prepared to let loose.

“8 Track Days,” swans in on the back of a seriously solid bass riff which perpetuates the maddening cycle of time. Allowing the listener to indulge in some post raging fantasies.

“Darkness Of The Day,” is epic, shifting the tendrils of time through a rubber conductor and then delivering seering heavy metal for all to see and embrace.

“Run With The Horseman,” crushes the world and diverges into insanity and pestilence.

“One Wish,” starts off contemplative, thoughtful and then moves into rage and anger, a classic heavy metal tale that brings together the best of the best.

The album is out on February 26th.