‘Daytime Stories, Nightmare Tales’ by Attick Demons


  • Artur Almeida / Vocals

  • Nuno Martins / Guitar

  • Dario Antunes / Guitar

  • João Clemente / Bass

  • Ricardo Oliveira / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Contract

  • Make Your Choice

  • Renegade

  • The Revenge Of The Sailor King

  • Hills Of Sadness

  • Headbanger

  • Devil’s Crossroad

  • O Condestavel

  • Running

“The Contract,”kicks things off with a thunderous riff. It is a song that immediately captures the listener’s attention because of how bombastic and filled with life it is. The story it tells is bone chilling.

“Make Your Choice,” rattles through like a dominator. It soars and seers, before unleashing absolute chaos. Those riffs are simply phenomenal.

“Renegade,” slows things down ever so slightly, bringing forth an intriguingly haunting melody that turns on the screws. Darkness descends roughly halfway through though, and as it does, the insanity begins.

“The Revenge Of The Sailor King,” is a brutal assault. Filled with mind bending riffs, and spine tingling melodies.

“Hills of Sadness,” is epic. A song that moves through the motions, delivering one portion of epicness after another. It is thoughtful, pensive and in some cases downright impressive.

“Headbanger,” speeds things up again, on the back of a dominating bass riff. The vocal lines are seering.

“Devil’s Crossroad,” moves in fits and spurts, producing something intriguing. A real riff rager.

“O Condestavel,” is epic. A song that moves through the strands of time, delivering something that thrills in all aspects.

“Running,” is a burst of speed and energy, a fitting finale, that demolishes all it comes into contact with.

The album is out on 25th September via Rock of Angels Records.