’20 Years The Hard Way’ by Attaxe


  • Juan Ricardo / Vocals

  • Paul Konjicija / Guitar

  • Scott Stage / Guitar

  • Steve McDonald / Guitar

  • Greg Perry / Guitar

  • Ray Hitchcock / Bass

  • Steve McCabe / Bass

  • Michael Siefert / Bass

  • Calvin Burgess / Bass

  • Bill Zurlo / Bass

  • Joey Coach Hanna / Drums

  • Steve Sinur / Drums

  • Kenny Easterly / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Calling The Messiah

  • Metal Messiah

  • Unholy Realm

  • Blood On The Moon

  • Pedal To The Metal

  • Remember Me?

  • Suicide

  • Lovefire

  • Jealousy

  • Powermad

  • Out Of The Storm

  • Leave It All Behind

  • Capture The Universe

  • Are You Ready?

  • Playing With Fire

“Calling The Messiah,”is a strong opener. A song that reaches deep into the depths of hell.

“Metal Messiah,” follows on from that and reaches deep within the catacombs to produce a rocking hellfest for all to enjoy.

“Unholy Realm,” rolls through the motions, turning the screws and producing some simply fantastic riffs.

“Blood On The Moon,” a ripper of a song, moving through the turnstiles and ripping into everything.

“Pedal To The Metal,” a song that roars into life, pushing the boundaries through the stratosphere and ensuring the listener knows that they are in the good old days.

“Remember Me?” segue ways into something new and frantic.

“Suicide,” blitzkriegs its way into being, showing off its skills and abilities.

“Lovefire,” slows things down, gives some breathing space, before amping things up by several notches.

“Jealousy,” moves with swagger. A song that throws everything into life and shows off the skills of the band.

“Powermad,” works wonders on the fretboard. Showing off dexterity and sincerity. The composition of the song is such that the listener can’t help but be awed by the way things are fit together.

“Out Of The Storm,” is an absolute ripper of a song, it rolls in hard.

“Leave It All Behind,” shows skill and determination, flushing things through.

“Capture The Universe,” snarls and bites.

“Are You Ready?” is fast and furious, a song that captures the listener’s attention from the get go, pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable.

“Playing With Fire,” starts off slowly before advancing into a chaotic age and becoming a mesmerising seance.

The album is out on 31st July.