Ashes of Ares, a band formed by legends return with their newest album Well of Souls, an album that is a statement and an impressive return.

“Consuming The Mana,” is the first song on the record, and it opens with dramatic cinematic atmosphere, before getting into overdrive. The beating heart of the song is the riff, which is just so headbang worthy. Matt Barlow is on fire throughout, as one expects. “The Alien,” another stellar performance from the band, throwing in their class and drive, producing some serious bite and zest. “Unworthy,” is a slower number that turns and twists with energy and grace, allowing Matt Barlow to really shine. “Soul Searcher,” another song that shows off the melody and grace within the band. Matt Barlow’s voice is seductive and just pure class. “Sun Dragon,” a rocker with belters thrown in throughout, dancing across the stage and delivering some serious riffage. “Transcending,” another song that is headbang worthy, producing one more tick and chase throughout the song. It really enables people to shine through in bits and pieces.

“Let All Despair,” another song that ventures forth from within the darkest depths. It ensures that the listener is hooked from the moment Matt Barlow opens his mouth to start singing. “In The Darkness,” another absolute mental song, with a fantastic riff and a sublime vocal performance, by the metal god himself. “Spirit of Man,” a song that veers from one end to another, soft, heavy, dark and despondent, uplifting and just pure metal. “Time Traveller,” another song from the classic metal handbook. “The God Of War,” another monster riff backed song, that delivers shiver after shiver, and really finishes off the listener. “You Know My Name,” a fitting closer and tribute to Chris Cornell.

Well of Souls is released 9th November via Rock of Angels Records.