‘Homecoming’ by Ashen Reach


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Fighting For My Life

  • Epiphany

  • Tear It Down

  • Heir To The Throne

  • Alive Again

  • Prey

  • Ether

  • Here I Go

  • Hole In The Sky

  • Broken Column

  • Homecoming

“Fighting For My Life,” kicks off with a blistering riff, that immediately captures the listener’s attention and hooks them in. It pushes through the boundaries of time, slashing the timescape and slowly lifting the world through the catacomb of time. “Epiphany,” swaggers through the downstream, turning and pushing, slowly working through the whirlpool of all hell. “Tear It Down,” is a rager, a song that gets the listener moving and headbanging. A song that surely pushes the limits of time.

“Hole In The Sky,” rocks out. A song that slithers through the periphery, downing preconceptions wherever it turns. The melodies are fat, the beating of the riffs is second to none, all in all, this is a fantastic song that is surely meant for the world. “Broken Column,” picks up the speed again, turning into a raging destructive powerforce, that drives the day and captures the zeitgeist. “Homecoming,” finishes things off on a high. An anthemic and pursuant song that drives the narrative forward for all to see.

The album is out on 16th November.