“End of the Beginning,” is haunting, slowly building into a parlance. “Pride Goes Before The Fall,” is messy and filled with big anthemic pulls and melodies, hooking the listener in with something akin to a darkened edge. “What A Waste Of Life,” slams the breaks on hard and gets the listener to move with power and energy. “I See You In Me,” is haunting and territorial. “Silent,” takes a turn here and there, twisting through the minds of the whirlwind.

“Necessary Evil,” slows things down just a tad, and brings in the heavy symphonic build before moving into riff overdrive. “Curse Is Worse Than Disease,” is a snarling monster that takes the time to really push into overdrive. “Quiet Place,” takes time out of its day to really smack the listener in the face. “Loud,” a triumphant finish.

The album is out on 26th July via Rockshots Records.