Artillery - The Face of Fear.jpg

“The Face Of Fear,” starts with a driving riff, and barrels into being an absolute monster of a song. The vocals are arranged perfectly, snaking around the world and then bringing something more to the party. “Crossroads To Conspiracy,” a slow moving number that brings some serious grit and determination to the fore alongside some interesting melodical arrangements. “New Rage,” a galloping monster that brings some interesting viewpoints to the fore. “Sworn Utopia,” delivers a blast and a smash to the face. “Through The Ages Of Atrocity,” moves and grooves, delivering a blow and a snarl. “Thirst For The Worst,” an anthem and a half, bringing about some fascinating changes.

“Pain,” is an anthem, starting slowly and then getting heavier. “Under Water,” ventures this way and that, bringing some dynamic changes. “Preaching To The Converted,” blasts out of the speakers like a madman, snarling, growling and destroying all who come before it. “Mind Of No Return,” a rocker with a solid thumping. “Doctor Evil,” combines a mixture of elements and ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go.

The album is out on 16th November via Metal Blade Records.