‘Symbol of Salvation: Live’ by Armored Saint


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Reign of Fire,” kicks off the new Armored Saint Live album, to celebrate 30 years of a classic. Filled with energy, with riffs that automatically capture the imagination and turn things inside and out. A pressing turn for the listener and a celebration of greatness.

“Last Train Home,” works its way into being, turning and twisting. Building anticipation and movement, allowing Bush’s vocals to soar through into the midnight hour. An anthem if ever there was one.

“The Truth Always Hurts,” is an absolute monster of a song, slamming through the doors and hitting everything and sundry.

“Another Day,” gets things going, sending a chill down the listener.

“Symbol of Salvation,” is a ripper of a song, that turns through and smacks everything to pieces.

“Warzone,” rattles and hums, turning through the chaos and the carnage for all to see.

“Tainted Past,” shimmers and shifts through.

“Nothing Between the Ears,” starts off the demo part of the album, and is an absolute ripper.

“Medieval Nightmares,” shimmers and rips through the tide.

“Pirates,” rattles and hums.

The album is out on 22nd October via Metal Blade.