‘Raising Fear’ by Armored Saint


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Raising Fear,” kicks off proceedings with a hard one-two. A slap to the gut and a rip roaring beginning that immediately gets the listener hooked and engaged.

“Out On A Limb,” moves with driving precision. It slithers through the untoward, creeping and crawling toward the workwood of time.

“Chemical Euphoria,” slithers and slanders down the beaten track. A song that hits the whirlwood and brings together the tempestuous set of time.

“Frozen Will/ Legacy,” creeps through the turnstile, a song that makes its way through the pressing of the winter solstice.

“Book Of Blood,” creeps along, a song that targets the winterwood, a song that breaks through the growling of the tide.

“Underdogs,” finishes things off with precision.

The album is out on 15th April via Metal Blade Records.