‘Punching The Sky’ by Armored Saint


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

  • End Of The Attention Span

  • Bubble

  • My Jurisdiction

  • Do Wrong To None

  • Lone Wolf

  • Missile To Gun

  • Fly In The Ointment

  • Bark, No Bite

  • Unfair

  • Never You Fret

Armored Saint. The band who helped define an entire genre of music in the 1980s, return with a brand new album filled to the brim with classic song after classic song. An album that helps bring the current world disorder into perspective, this is Punching The Sky

It starts with “Standing On The Shoulder of Giants,” which begins with an eerie bagpipe line before moving into solid groove territory. John Bush is on form here. His vocals as the song reaches its chorus and the climax is simply superb. The guitar lines on this song are phenomenal, you can tell the band poured their heart and soul into this song.

What follows are some of Armored Saint’s best songs in years.

“My Jurisdiction,” is sarcastic, and a little hopeful, with a pounding bass rhythm that hooks the listener in almost immediately, followed by “Lone Wolf,” which snarls and bites with passion and anger. The song is led by its infectious grooving guitar riff that demands to be heard.

“Fly In The Ointment,” is simply epic, a song that weaves together different strands of the band’s history from the soul crushing heaviness to soaring melodies and intricacy.

The finale in “Never You Fret,” is thoughtful and symbolic, a beautiful way to end a fantastic album.

The record is out on 23rd October via Metal Blade Records.